Conjuring Kannappan

Conjuring Kannappan : Cast, plot, Box office, Streaming platform

Conjuring Kannappan

This new Tamil horror movie is a Indian Tamil-language horror comedy film based on the story of an ordinary guy who accidently removed a feather from a thing called dream catcher. Debut director Selvin Raj Xavier directed this masterpiece horror comedy movie which will attract you right from the get-go. Lead role is essayed by Sathish, Nassar and Regina Cassandra. The theatrical release of this movie was 8 December 2023.


Conjuring Kannappan

Movie begins with a guy who performs black magic and dies in a huge mansion. After that a character name Kannapan appears who loves playing video games while his mother is fond of making live videos and increase her subscriber. Kannapan finds a strange thing in a well. He then calls exorcist as he feels that thing is possessed.

Exorcist explains him that the thing he found is not ordinary and is used in ancient times. He feels that the black magic is performed in the vodoo doll and recommends him to throw back where he found. Kannappan explains that he has thrown the doll back but it has appeared again. Exorcist explains if he has disturbed the dream catcher. Kannapan replies saying that he has unplucked the feather from the dream catcher. Exorcist warns him saying he will either be trapped somewhere or even die but Kannapan does not believe.

In a late night while playing game, kannapan dreams about an unknown haunted mansion which was the same mansion where the black magic performer died in the beginning of the plot.

He feels something is not right and consults a psychiatrist. Again at night he dreams about the same mansion but cannot escape from the mansion. He sees various shadows and ghosts in the mansion.

He again consults the exorcist and finds that the dream turns into reality. Whatever happens in dream is reflected in in real. Exorcist suggest him to look for dream key and recommends him to take more friends so that it will be easier to find the key. Kannappan then deliberately asks his psychiatrist friend and a loan shark muscle guy to pluck the feather. Both of them plucks the feather without knowing the consequence.

The three musketeer meet in the dream and now Kannapan friend’s also find that the incident happening on dream turns into reality. In the later part, beautiful Regina Cassandra takes entry as another researcher who research about paranormal activity. It is great to watch the movie and see how Regina and the exorcist helps Kannappan and his friend.

Box Office

This low budget horror comedy movie garnered around 25 crores world wide collection.

Streaming platform

This horror movie is available in Netflix in telegu language with English subtitle. There is no hindi dubbed version

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

Where can i watch Conjuring Kannappan?

You can watch Conjuring Kannappan in netflix.

What is Conjuring Kannappan based on?

It is based on horror comedy.

Is it available in Youtube?

There might be some untrusted links. But we highly recommend to watch this movie in Netflix.

When was Conjuring Kannappan released?

It was released on 8 December 2023.

What is the IMDB rating of Conjuring Kannapan?

The imdb rating of Conjuring Kannapan is 6.3/10

What are the movies of Regina Cassandra?

Regina Cassandra is a beautiful Indian actress who works in Telegua and Tamil movies. Her movies are Nene Naa, Evaru. Saakini Daakini, Chakra, Power, Chakra Ka Rakshak, seven, etc.

Has Regina Cassandra played Bollywood movies?

Regina has played few Bollywood movies like Ek Ladki ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga, Thalaivii. Her upcoming Bollywood movie is Section 108. Besides she has also played lead role in popular web series like Rocket boys, Farzi, Shoorveer, Fingertip, etc.

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